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Become an MPLED distributor and own a profitable business without costly overhead or production equipment. MPLED will be your factory, offering comprehensive "hardware + software + content" solutions. Focus on local customer service and market while MPLED handles the rest. Join us and build a strong, streamlined relationship. Experience simplicity and success.

Why Be Distributor of MPLED?

MPLED as the world's leading provider of LED display system solutions,committed to providing overall solutions and full-process services integrating software, hardware and content for industries such as film and television, advertising, government and enterprise, leasing, education, banking, communications, and digital creativity.

Customer-oriented, with technological innovation and service innovation as the core and constantly creating value for customers,make led display business simple.We are proud to be long-term partners for numerous contractors, advertisers, engineering firms, designers, renowned brands, system integrators, solution providers, wholesalers, distributors, and dealers.

Join us, you can set up your own career with a powerful and loyal supporter!

Free showroom design and sample support:

Provide free showroom design and samples, and assist agents to build showrooms 

Joint exhibition:

 Joint exhibition, jointly display products, enhance brand exposure and market influence. 

Sales and engineering training:

Provide professional sales and engineering training to improve the team's customer service capabilities and enhance market competitiveness.

Market research and industry reports:

Provide regular market research and industry reports to help agents understand market trends and formulate effective sales strategies. 

Agent support price system:

Set up a special agent support price system to allow agents to enjoy more competitive prices and promote sales growth.

VIP customer service:

Provide priority production services for VIP customers, ensure priority processing and delivery of orders, and improve customer satisfaction

We will work closely with agents to achieve business growth and market success. Let us work together to create a win-win situation!

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