MPLED Corporate Culture


Welcome to MPLED, we are committed to providing customers with world-class LED Display and solution to enhance customer value. Our corporate culture is based on the following core concepts:



We are respect and trust every MPLED staffs right, providing the highest quality work environment and development opportunities. We prioritize the personal needs and balance of our employees, encouraging their participation in the development of the enterprise and providing career development planning and promotion opportunities. We are committed to building a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and our employees, valuing team collaboration and employee feedback to optimize company management and services. We believe that through continuous care and support for our employees, MPLED will become a vibrant and innovative, competitive enterprise.


At MPLED, we always put our customers first. Our goal is to provide the high quality LED Display products and solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. We listen to our customers' needs and strive to provide custom solutions that meet their unique requirements. We are constantly improving our services and products, ensuring they meet the highest standards and comply with all applicable regulations and certifications. Our customer support team is always on call and dedicated to providing timely and efficient solutions to any issues our customers may have. At MPLED, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, honesty, mutual respect and customer satisfaction.



To build  MPLED to become the leading brand of LED Display solution provider in the world.


To make displays simpler and realize the Internet of Everything;Let LED display enter thousands of households like LED TV.

Core value:

Continue to carry out technological innovation and lead the development of industry technology!

Make  LED Display installation,operate,maintenance become more simple.

More values:

Responsibility: We assume the responsibility of providing the best quality service to our customers, employees and partners.

Equal respect: We respect every employee and partner, maintain equal communication, and grow together.

Sincerity and sincerity: We treat every customer and partner with sincerity and maintain integrity.

Scientific management: We use scientific methods and concepts to manage the enterprise to improve efficiency and quality.

Learning with humility: We maintain a humble attitude, constantly learning new knowledge and improving our own capabilities.

Continuous innovation: We pursue innovation and strive to provide customers with better products and services.

Bottom line

We adhere to the following bottom line:

Not illegal: We strictly abide by national laws and regulations and operate legally.

Do not deceive customers: We treat every customer sincerely, do not make false propaganda, and do not deceive customers.

No harm to the rights and interests of employees: We care for employees, protect their rights and interests, and provide employees with a good working environment and development space.

Do not take advantage of suppliers: We establish a fair and honest cooperative relationship with suppliers to grow together.

Join MPLED, let us work together to realize the vision and mission of the enterprise.

Join MPLED, let us work together to realize the vision and mission of the enterprise.

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