Application and Design Elements of LED Transparent Screen for Window

Glass window is an important means of commodity display and promotion in retail stores. It is of great significance to display the business categories of retail stores, focus on promoting commodities, and attract consumers to buy. Making the store more lively as a whole and generating deeper information interaction with consumers and people is also one of the development trends of advertising window design in the future.|
1. Commodity sales: Visitors can directly see the latest and most popular commodity information through the LED display in the window, which directly stimulates the desire to buy, thereby increasing the attention rate and store entry rate, and promoting commodity sales.

2. Fixed advertising: After installing the transparent LED screen in the window, it becomes a fixed advertising space in the store, and the advertising benefits are fully utilized.

3. Publishing information: Store owners can use the mobile application network to publish daily promotional information, such as membership, discounts, promotions, etc.

4. Eye-catching: “Paste” a LED transparent screen as a fashionable window, the advertisements are unique and eye-catching from static to dynamic.
indoor led display

Design factors of transparent LED display screen:

When designing LED transparent screens for display windows, in addition to considering important factors such as display content, space conditions, screen size, pixels, etc., it is also necessary to ensure practical application requirements such as production technology and technical indicators, and then combine the price of engineering LED transparent screens for reasonable design. .

For the use of LED transparent screens in shop windows, the following must be met:

(1) LED transparent screen must be high density. The pixel density is high, and the display effect is clearer. The display resolution is high because the window transparent screen needs to be viewed up close.

(2) The optimum permeability of the glass must be guaranteed. Considering the relationship of permeability, using the P3.9-7.8 model, the permeability can reach more than 70%. For customized products, the penetration rate will be higher than 80% due to further optimization of structure and shape.

(3) Be sure not to affect the interior design of the store. It is recommended to use the hoisting method for installation without adding a large number of additional steel structures. At the same time, you can also use the standing method. The specific installation method requires on-site environmental inspection.

Post time: Jul-15-2022