Spherical Transparent Film LED Screen

The product is light, transparent and thin, can be bent or even rolled up at a large angle, and can be cut at the same time; it can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without destroying the original structure of the building; the screen is invisible when not playing,

Does not affect indoor lighting, viewing from a distance, no traces of screen installation Light and thin, the thinnest screen thickness can be less than 1mm; low weight
Under 5kg

The product has very high softness and can be bent at will like paper
Song, so the product is also extremely convenient to do a variety of shapes and customization

The material is high-end and reliable, and the raw materials used can resist ultraviolet rays and can
Long enough to be used in high-intensity sunlight conditions

The screen can achieve high refresh and high grayscale, and the glass will not be affected after the screen is turned off
Transparency and lighting


Post time: Feb-10-2022