What is an LED rental display?

As a customized die-casting aluminum box design, the LED rental display is light, thin and quick to install as its most important features. The box is light and thin, can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. It is processed by a synchronous control system, and can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV, etc., and can play video, graphic and other programs at will, and play in real-time, synchronous, and clear information dissemination. various information. Realistic colors and strong adaptability. According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor the most suitable LED display rental solution.

Widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing evening parties, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performance halls, disco bars, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, etc. Unilumin Technology LED rental screens have been widely used in TV Spring Festival Gala, auto shows, important cultural events in various provinces and cities, etc.


Post time: Apr-22-2022