What is an outdoor small-pitch LED screen?

With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the dot pitch of outdoor LED displays is also further reduced. In recent years, small-pitch LED displays have developed rapidly, and they have conquered the market of LED display applications. Following the indoor small spacing, outdoor small spacing has gradually become a market hot spot for many LED display manufacturers to seize.

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Outdoor small spacing usually refers to outdoor LED display products with a point spacing of less than 5mm. Previously, traditional outdoor display screens were mainly used for long-distance viewing, so the products were mainly concentrated in the “large spacing” category. However, in recent years, the application scenarios of outdoor display screens have also shown a trend of “miniaturization”, not just “high above” large screens, and the requirements for display screen clarity are getting higher and higher. Some display terminals have put forward higher requirements. After solving the problems of “high brightness”, “high protection” and “tolerance”, outdoor display screens have also begun to develop towards products with smaller dot pitch and higher definition, especially at short distances. The floor-to-ceiling display screen for viewing is gradually moving towards smaller pitches such as P4, P3, and p2.5.


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Due to the high pixel density in the unit size, small-pitch displays are increasingly used outdoors in short-range and small-area projects, realizing the needs of delicate and close-up viewing. Therefore, it is suitable for short-sighted applications, and small-pitch LED screens are more favored in market segments such as information kiosks/newsstands, floor-standing bus stops, chain luxury store windows, community information broadcasts, outdoor seating advertisements, and light pole screens.

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At present, outdoor small-pitch LED displays have broken through P2.5, and according to market research and feedback, there is a great demand in the market for P2.5 small-pitch LED displays. In short, outdoor small-pitch LED displays Screen is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, especially for displays with a pitch of about P2.5, there is a huge demand in the market, which is also a huge driving force for LED display manufacturers to develop small outdoor pitches.


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Post time: Mar-24-2022