Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Technology and Creativity for Outdoor Use

On February 4, 2022, in the festive and peaceful atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, the world-famous opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was ushered in. Zhang Yimou was the chief director of the opening ceremony, Cai Guoqiang was the visual art designer, Sha Xiaolan was the lighting art director, and Chen Yan was the art designer. concept, and dedicate a romantic, beautiful and modern event to the world.

This Winter Olympics adheres to the theme of “simplicity, safety, and wonderfulness”. From the beginning of a snowflake story, through AI algorithms, naked-eye 3D, AR augmented reality, video animation and other digital technologies, it presents an ethereal, beautiful and simple modernity. Artistic style, conveying the romantic feeling of crystal clear ice and snow, presenting the concept of technological aesthetics, ethereal and romantic, bright and wonderful.

The ground screen for the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is composed of 46,504 unit boxes of 50 cm square, with a total area of 11,626 square meters. It is currently the largest LED stage in the world.

The ground screen as a whole can not only present the naked-eye 3D effect, but also has a motion capture interactive system, which can capture the actor’s trajectory in real time, so as to realize the interaction between the actor and the ground screen. For example, in the scene where the actor is skiing on the ice screen, where the actor “slides”, the snow on the ground is pushed away. Another example is the show of the pigeon of peace, where children play with snow on the ground screen, and there are snowflakes wherever they go, which is captured in motion. The system not only optimizes the scene, but also makes the scene more realistic.

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Post time: Mar-15-2022